Amelia invited me to join her at a cooking club class at the Hobbs House Bakery. This month they were making bagels!

Sesame and poppy seed bagels!

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The host, Tom Herbert, introduced us to the art of bagel making. He was inspired by a visit to New York and decided to try them himself and share his technique with the cooking club.

The recipe
The recipe and set up


One of the ingredients that really added to the flavor of the bagels was a sourdough culture that they made in house and have had for years! This gave the dough a really distinct smell and flavor that really comes out as the dough rests.

Each of us were given enough dough for two bagels and were shown the technique for kneading and shaping. The great thing about working with dough is that the more attention you give it (by kneading and stretching and shaping), the better it gets!

Kneading some attention 🙂
Forming the shape of the bagel
My two bagels!
Amelia with the tray of bagels, ready for boiling and baking

Bagels are boiled and then baked – the boiling helps to pre-cook the dough and gives them time to proof and get fluffy before baking.

We boiled the bagels for about 1 minute each

Once the bagels were boiled, we added an egg wash and toppings (sesame or poppy seeds) and then popped them into the oven.

Adding an egg wash and toppings
Into the oven!
Bagels in the oven!
The final products!

We each got to take two bagels home – it was hard to resist eating them on the ride home! Omri and I each had one for breakfast the next morning and they were great!

The finished product with cream cheese and lox!
The finished product with cream cheese and lox!