Amuse me for a minute while we I talk about food :). I try and be healthy; eating fresh, mainly good-for-you options, I work out, but let’s be real, I LOVE bread. It’s delicious! Is it really all that bad for you? Ok, let’s not open that can of worms now…Anyways, as you may have seen from previous posts on the blog or via Instagram, I really enjoy foods and eating, and now cooking! I’ve started making my own breads, mainly after being inspired by this outing that I am posting about (no more mixes for me!). Anyways, back to the post. 🙂

Amelia invited me to join her for another Hobbs House Bakery cooking class and this time they were making flatbreads! So easy and so fun! Next time you see me or are over at our place, remind me to make this for you!

Amelia mixing it up!

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We went to another Hobbs House class earlier in the spring and I really enjoyed it, so I jumped at the chance to attend another. This time was making flatbreads, which are basically regular breads (with the occasional mix-ins) that just aren’t left to rise and get fluffy (hence the name “flat”…).

The recipe was pretty similar to any other bread or bagel recipe: water, strong flour, salt, and in this case, sourdough starter (this is where the yeast and cultures live). I’ve learned (mainly from this class) that though there is a science to the baking, the exactness of specific ingredients is less necessary than the ratios and knowing what the desired look and feel of the dough should be and how to correct when it’s not quite there. (Oh the things you learn when full time work is a thing of the past…)


After mixing together the initial ingredients, we spiced things up a bit by adding fresh chopped spinach and red onions to the dough. I received two generous helpings of both which in the end really paid off (though the dough was a bit more sticky and wet than desired, but not a big deal).


Once all the ingredients were combined and the dough was kneaded to oblivion, we rolled the breads out into large discs that would be then cooked on the barby!


Our instructor used baking stones to put the dough onto the grill, but they are not absolutely necessary. Each flatbread cooked for about 2-3 minutes per side (some took longer depending on the thickness) and some bubbled up and charred nicely!

My flatbreads!

Since it was quite a full class, we didn’t have time to cook both our breads, so I took home my other dough ball to make at home – and that was a great success as well! We cooked it in a hot pan on the hob and it came out great!

My at-home creation!

These breads are super easy to make and fun to cook – and they taste amazing when they are fresh and warm! I made some more for dinner one night with Omri and we made this fun video showing the bubbles expanding from the yeast as it cooks!