I am proud to report that I now drive on the left! This was otherwise known as “the wrong side” or “the other side”, but not to me! Because now, its just “driving”! Trust me, the exclamations are necessary here, as driving has revolutionized my life. Not really, but I basically feel like a teenager again, knowing I can go anywhere and everywhere – but really I just don’t have to lug my groceries all the walk home while walking.

My hot wheels!

Click through to read onMy current car is a Toyota Aygo (pronounced “I go”) and its an automated manual car. This means its got only two pedals but there is a mechanism that clutches between gears for you, so I feel all the gear changes and at times feel like the poor guy is going to stall. Oh, and sometimes it rolls back, but only a little (so my fear of rolling back onto people is still alive and real!). Its really compact and barely has any boot [trunk], but its got a really tight turning radius and is really easy to drive and putt around town in! And its small enough that parking is really easy, and also is good for staying in the lanes :).

This was a nice improvement for me because before I had nothing! Omri got a few rentals but they were all manuals. I know, I really did try driving and learning the manuals! But adding the whole learning-to-drive-a-manual thing on top of the whole learning-to-drive-on-the-left thing would have been too much for my little brain and poor motor skills to handle!

I looked into driving lessons (there are actually quite a few learner cars on the road, designated by the large “L” stickers plastered on their bumpers) but realized that the right-handed drive on the left-handed road thing didn’t intimidate me as much anymore. Though I still never really know which way to look before crossing a street. And I do sometimes slam my right hand into the door trying to get into gear (Lisa, I totally feel your pain now). So i just went for it! And it worked! The laws are another story, or another blog post, hopefully not though!

This was one of the cars that I was attempting to learn manual on (a rental thank goodness): a Peugeot 208 Series in metallic purple.

The “Poo-jeyoo”

The Peugeot was much larger and luxurious than the Aygo – it was a really nice car to learn on, except that time I could smell burning clutch while trying to pull into the driveway…oh well!

And now for the crowing glory, Omri’s car, the Land Rover Freelander GS in British Racing Green 🙂 (also known as just Green here).

The Rover in the wild

The Land Rover makes me miss the day of our Land Cruiser (RIP Land Cruiser). Its a mid-sized SUV and is manual and green and smells a bit… farmy…(aka it has a faint sheep and cow aroma…) but it’s all ours! Omri actually bought this car used and loves it :). We have parked in in fields and gone off curbs and off road in it! Also, the dash is really low so Teddy likes to perch on it.

Let’s be real though, if you really want to know more about these cars, I’m not the one to tell you about them besides what was described above – Omri obviously will actually be able to talk to you about the cars. All I know is that I have a car and can finally drive!