And back to our usual programming… events from the summer! I think I need to blog faster because seeing the sunny photos and beautiful weather is getting me down, now that its perpetually damp, overcast, and at least partially rainy…

Banksy, the street artist, debuted a new show this past summer in the costal town of Weston-super-Mare Beach. The show was called Dismaland and was basically a social commentary on Disneyland and I was super interested in seeing it! However, due to the huge demand and lack of a working website, we were unable to get tickets ahead of time. So, I made Omri drive an hour and a half to try and get tickets in person…

Weston-super-Mare beach

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Warning, rant approaching…

The British often write “Book early to avoid disappointment” on many of their tourist attractions, websites, restaurants, and other things of limited supply. This is not something to be taken lightly. We’ve learned to book tables well in advance to ensure a reservation, to buy tickets to museums or events early, and to generally plan and not wait until the last minute for anything. To avoid disappointment.

I really tried to get these tickets. There were articles upon articles that talked about the Dismaland website and their “online ticketing system” that conveniently did not work on the first day that tickets were supposed to be available. Looking at the source code, there was actually no interactive/responsive parts of the website, so no tickets were actually for sale. Was this a part of the exhibition? Were we just meant to be disappointed?

Later, when the website was “working” and tickets were actually being sold, I tried desperately to get them. I came close, but once they were in my cart and I was filling out billing info, they were gone. So, as mentioned above, I dragged Omri to try and queue up for the tickets in the off chance that we would get in!

Enter Weston-super-Mare. An older beach town, once booming, but now…less so. Our first foray into the city was being yelled at by a crotchety old lady who “reserved” her parking spot with garbage bins (which we were totally going to move and take the spot) and then who trapped us in a one-way street, giving us 3 feet to do a whole u-turn. Thanks lady.

When we FINALLY parked, it was pretty nice. But also, a little weird…

The Grand Pier

Anything look a little strange to you? Well, the water was basically non-existant! The ocean/shore seemed to have retreated like at least a mile back, so there was no water.

Anyways, we tried to queue up, but alas, the information booth informed us that 300 tickets were to be released at 15:00, and that were were probably more than 400 people already queued up. It was 13:00.

ENOUGH! I had enough! So, we snapped a few quick pics…

The queue for people who had purchased online tickets

…and peaced out. We went for a nice sushi lunch and walked around the area.


It was a nice day and there were people out, but the boardwalk was still pretty deserted. I could see how this used to be a great family sea-side attraction, but it has since gotten slightly run down and dated.

The day was not a complete failure as we got to visit a new town and get some fresh air and enjoy the gentle sea breezes.

Not a Banksy
Shameless sea side selfie