Ah the majesty… of the royals parentals 🙂 On this episode of “What Would Gene and Donna Do” (WWGDD, for short), we present the second half of their trip where we toured Bath and London!

Piccadilly with the parents

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As we all know, the family has a long history with London. That meaning “we’ve been there, but we haven’t” as Gene likes to note, due to the lack of photographic evidence. (Though, I do have one photo of Danielle and me on the train, in film only, because I was using a disposable camera and didn’t want to “waste” the film on a measly family vacay. Sorry guys.) And now, in the day and age of BOTH parents having smartphones and 50% of those said people knowing how to use them, we have tons!! 🙂

But first, Bath!

En route to Bath! Sorry Daddy, I had to!

We headed to Bath a bit hungry, which meant we NEEDED tea or some other afternoon meal. We randomly stumbled upon Sally Lunn’s, which Donna very excitedly knew about! I warned her though, during our last Bath trip, Omri and I had these “Bath Buns” and well, they were just ok. However, Donna’s enthusiasm was well deserved, the buns were quite nice and famous for a reason!

The buns!

And for a close-up…

They were huge!

And, the above bun was one of four brought home. Two of those were consumed. One stayed in the UK, and another was brought home to Popo as a souvenir. 🙂

After lunch we toured around and showed Donna and Gene some of the cute streets, historical things (Bath Abbey as modeled by parents), and the good shopping! ‘Twas a very fun outing 🙂

The next day we headed to London! Donna and Gene were catching a flight out of Heathrow the next morning and just to make things easier (aka. me not drive them frantically to Heathrow in rush hour traffic and be stressed for an hour and a half), they were going to stay the night at a hotel. So, us being the great daughter and son-in-law, we decided not just to drop them off but to also hang with them a bit :).

Obligatory phone booth shot

We arrived in London hungry as usual, but it was such a strange time to eat, we had to wait for a table for high tea (yes, there were many eyes rolled and “what?!?!”s asked). The weather was beautiful out so it wasn’t a bit deal – we wandered over to Hyde Park and had a nice leisurely stroll over to Buckingham.

The fall leaves!

Once the table was ready, we settled in to High Tea at The Wolseley. Everything was delicious, decadent, and super posh!


After tea, we continued walking through town, stopping off at Covent Gardens and viewed the art installation, Heartbeat. The GIF below shows off the “beating” of the clouds, made from balloons!

IMG_2981-ANIMATION And for the pièce de résistance…

Best. Snap. Filter. Ever. (and Parents 🙂 )

We took a final loop through London’s Chinatown (Gene is a true a-bac at heart. A-bac is the phonetic way of saying “old man” in Cantonese) before bidding Donna and Gene adieu. It was a really fun trip and I think Omri and I enjoyed it almost more than Donna and Gene did! Thanks for being good sports M and Daddy and coming to see us! 🙂