The Cotswold show is an annual summer festival that takes place in Cirencester. It was a beautiful day out and was reminiscent of the county fairs in the states.

The Cotswold Show in the distance

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When we got there, we were immediately greeted by carnival rides and the food vendors. No deep friend butter sticks here though, but we Omri did manage to indulge in a few sweets.

Enjoying a cola licorice
Ice cream and sausages, an ideal combination

There were a lot of British “country” goods on display, including tractors and farming equipment for sale!

For lunch we had really savory barbecue and Eran introduced us to a classic British cocktail, the Pimm’s Cup! It’s practically a fruit salad in a cup with booze and is delicious!

Enjoying the refreshments and sunshine!

The show also featured quite a few “acts”, such as dog training demos (mainly for hunting and retrieving), a dog show where the best in show was a whippet, horse tricks, a BMX show, and a fun flyover by a stunt plane!

A staging area featuring the most beagles I’ve ever seen in one place at the same time!

Also, not to mention the games and rides! This one was really unique – giant hamster bubbles in a pool of water! It looked like fun, but those kids kept falling and getting turned upside down, so Omri decided not to partake.

Giant bubbles! It looked like a Jimmy Fallon game!

An attraction that the boys could not pass up was a shooting range. Yes, that’s right, there was live riffle shooting at the fair with a mini shooting range. It was mainly for smaller kids, but the big boys Eran and Omri each took a turn. This is something you would absolutely NEVER see in the states! It was really interesting though to see people pay 5 quid for 10 shells and just pop pop pop and shoot them in a range that was about 10 meters deep. So strange and so loud!

The happy boys with their targets
The happy boys with their targets

The Cotswold Show was really fun and did a really good job of showcasing some of the best things that the Cotswolds have to offer!