Explore: Amsterdam, Part 1

I mean, I don’t even know where to start with this Amsterdam post! Looking back at the photos I immediately wanted to go back! Why had I never known about this amazing, magical city before?? Amsterdam (and the Netherlands in general for that matter) where have you been all my life? I feel like Amsterdam …

Explore: Ireland, Part 2

During our second day in Ireland we toured Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and home to the famous Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse was fun to see and the pint at the end was a delicious treat! Click to read 

Explore: Ireland, Part 1

A couple weeks back Omri and I traveled to Ireland and got to stay with the Dunne family! It was such a treat to see Lisa’s family; the whole trip felt like a big hug from relatives and friends you haven’t seen in a while! Ireland is an amazing place with a beautiful eastern countryside …

Day Trip to London

The other day I went on a day trip to London with Amelia. She had an errand to run in the city and I decided to tag along! We popped into the city via the National Express Bus and enjoyed a nice day in London! Click to read on

Explore: Israel, Part 2

The second half of our Israel trip took us to Tel Aviv. We traveled from Haifa to Tel Aviv via train, where we would meet up with Ohad and Lindsey, Omri’s older brother and sister-in-law. We stayed at a beautiful beach-side resort called Herods. Click through to read on

Explore: Israel, Part 1

We went to visit Israel for a week for a mini family reunion. Omri and I had visited together twice before: once for Passover and another for a cousin’s wedding, and this was our third – and first as a married couple! Omri’s two brothers also were visiting as well, making it a nice big …

Pet Transport

Ah the Teddy Bear. For those of you who don’t know him very well, he is pretty much my number one companion and our very furry baby! This is a very text heavy post and is all about transporting Teddy into the UK, so click to read more if you want to see what we went …

Explore: Bournemouth

It has been beautiful out and we decided to take advantage of it by going to Bournemouth, a city on the Southern coast of England. Click through to read on

Explore: Paris, Part 2

There is a huge learning curve that comes with living in Europe. One of the things we’ve learned quickly is that most things close almost completely on Sundays (or have extremely reduced hours). Its actually sort of a nice change, to see that companies actually want their employees to rest and that they sacrifice an …

Explore: Paris, Part 1

When I say “Paris”, an inevitable sigh is followed. For those of you who don’t know, or have never had a long enough conversation with me (but let’s be real, it ALWAYS comes up), I studied abroad in Paris in 2009 with Roxanne. Omri and I went to Paris for a delayed anniversary trip and …