Explore: Berlin (Part 2)

Berlin was a nice, fun, and quick city break. Two and a half days was the perfect time to see the city, though there is SO MUCH more to see and experience. Our second day was just as busy as the first – take a look below! Click to read 

Explore: Berlin (Part 1)

Wow, things have gotten busy around here! Our days in the UK are numbered, and we’ll soon be back in the states before we know it!! (That was my pathetic excuse for not posting in over a week and a half. Sorry peeps…here is a cute photo to help?) But before we jet back to …

Explore: NYC (Part 1)

Back in February, we took a work trip to New York for 5 days and met up with one half of the infamous Donna & Gene duo – Donna! 🙂 She flew in for an extended weekend and the three of us toured around, all glasses left empty and plates licked clean! Click to read …


Last fall Omri’s friend and coworker, KP, came to visit us! So, in an effort to be good guides, we took him to Stonehenge; this happened to be Omri’s first time there and my second. Click to read

Rugby World Cup Festivities in Gloucester

In 2015 England hosted the Rugby World Cup, which was really fun to experience first hand in the host country. We saw a few games, including a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand, but all on the telly. We did get to go to Gloucester, the epicenter of the rugby games in the UK, where the …

Our Scandinavian Adventure: Stockholm (Part 3)

Today is the final installment of our snowy Scandinavian trip – and our last stop was Stockholm, Sweden! We rung in the new year in Stockholm and got to see and eat some of the city’s best! Click to read more about our final stop in Scandinavia! 

Our Scandinavian Adventure: Helsinki and Rovaniemi (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our wintry adventure! Warning: this post contains a TON of pictures 🙂 After leaving Copenhagen, we headed to Finland, landing in Helsinki first and then continuing on to Rovaniemi, a northern Finish city in the Laplands region. Click on read about our adventures in Finland!

Our Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen (Part 1)

Our Scandinavian adventure was quite a whirlwind! We visited 4 cities in 9 days and spent Christmas and New Years in the snow. It was a really great way to end the year on a high note, with really great food, sightseeing, and adventures! Click to read about our first stop in our wintry Scandinavian …

8 hours in Torquay

Ah where to begin with this one. Let me just preface this post by reminding our loyal readers that what you see on this blog is not necessarily telling of my every day life. Some fluff pieces sort of are, but travels and special adventures and outings are recorded and most of them have been …

Explore: Amsterdam, Part 2

Amsterdam days 1 and 2 were great and the rest of our trip was no different! We took our Saturday easy with some causal shopping and eating (of course) and biking (yes, biking! Me!). Click to read about our bike-venture!