An Anniversary + A Winery

Last month Omri and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary of being together, and our 2 year engagement anniversary! 🙂 I know, these dates are rather arbitrary now that we have an actual wedding anniversary, but hey, if it gets us to bust out the champagne or at least have a glass, then it’s all …

Looking Back: Fall at Westonbirt Arboretum

Before we get too far along into 2016 (jk, this is my feeble attempt to apologize for being so far behind! Can you believe its already mid-Feb?!?), I’d like to do as the cool kids are saying and am going to “flash back” to a sunnier and warmer time – fall! (Though, I must add, …

Birthday Month Celebrations! (Part 1)

Can you believe it’s already February? 2016 is already flying by! But before too much time passes and I need to flash wayyy back (some old 2015 posts are coming up in the next few weeks!), here are a few fun outings we did to celebrate our birthday month! First up, Omri’s birthday! We visited …

Christmas Tree Shopping!

It’s been years since we had a real live Christmas tree. I think the last one Omri bought for me as a surprise, maybe 3 or so years ago? Anyways, I decided that this year we would get one, and early too! Click to read 

Back in the Countryside

Hello! Long time no blog. Sorry Gene… (and Naddav! What up!) Omri and I are back from our America trip and are feeling the post-CA blues… mainly me. But this is just a snapshot of our first weekend back “home” to remind us that its not all fog and rain here in merry old England …

Bathurst Estate

One weekend Omri and I were playing dog hoarders (jk!) and were watching Teddy’s cousins, Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear. The weather was beautiful out so we decided to take them out to Bathurst Estate for a nice walk (and dance!). Click to read

A Walk in the Countryside

Omri and I were gifted a book about the Cotswolds and I just now got around to looking at it. Inside highlighted cute towns (many of which we have already visited), points of interest, and walks. We decided to follow one of the walks that was mapped out – we took the Teddy Bear and …

Sail Away

Omri and I went sailing once in San Diego with some friends and it was really fun! So when we heard about the sailing at the Cotswold Water Park, we decided that we should take a little boat out on the lake and make an afternoon of it! Click through to read on