Ok, by now you get it. We are fans of foods and drinks, and also food and drink festivals! One weekend we decided to leave good ole England and head west to Wales, specifically Swansea, a costal town that just so happened to have a food and drink festival.

The Swansea coast

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We didn’t actually go to Swansea (pronounced swan-zee) just for the festival, but we wanted to explore the town and enjoy the Welsh coast while the weather was nice. The drive to Wales was nice, a straight shot along the M4, and once we got into Wales, it seemed as if the whole landscape changed slightly. Wales seems more woodsy and had slightly more mountains and hills than the flatter farmlands we are used to seeing. There are so many microclimates in Great Britian that its so hard to keep up – it was cloudy when we left England and then cleared right up after the toll bridge into Wales! The Swansea Food and Drink festival was in Brangwyn Hall which was only a block away from the beach! We walked through the festival (which was on the smaller size) and tried some nice hoppy Welsh craft beers and then ate some yummy street food.

So yummy that I had to keep my eyes closed! Good thing I’m wearing sunglasses!

I went for a fancy grilled cheese truck (with leeks and apricot chutney!) while Omri went for a hand tossed mutton pizza with balsamic dressing! Check my insta for another pic (see sidebar on the right)!

Mutton pizza!

After finishing our delicious lunches, we strolled through the fair again in search of dessert :). I got a sprinkled donut and Omri chose a HUGE slice of baklava and we took the sweets across the street to the beach.

Ah, back at the beach
The baklava!

The weather was perfect, and almost too hot (I say almost now as its currently quite overcast and cool). The beach was pretty deserted (everyone was probably on holiday elsewhere). There was a cute strip of brightly colored homes along the beachfront. It was great being by the water again and it made me miss our beach hometown!

Picking up seashells by the seashore!

IMG_2554 Thanks for the sunshine Swansea! You made these two Californians feel a little less homesick!