During our first few days I was seeing signs around town that advertised “Sunday Lunch” and “Sunday Roast”. It was on all the pub and restaurant menus and sounded delicious but was only served on Sundays and of course, it was NEVER a Sunday when I wanted it. Then finally one sunny Sunday we walked into town and went to The Golden Cross for Sunday Roast and it was delicious!

A beautiful day in town

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That Sunday was exceptionally warm and beautiful out! We sat in the back garden of the Golden Cross and ordered two local ales and two Sunday Roasts. My order (straight from the menu): Roast Cotswold beef served with Yorkshire pudding, goose-fat roast potatoe, honey-roast parsnips, locally-sourced seasonal vegetables, cauliflower & broccoli cheese, gravy and horseradish sauce. Omri’s order: Roast leg of Cotswold lamb, goose-fat roast potatoes, honey-roast parsnips, locally-sourced seasonal vegetables, cauliflower & broccoli cheese, mint sauce and gravy. And yes, it was a TON of food! And oh so so delicious!


My meal had a Yorkshire pudding which is like an eggy bread that is definitely NOT a pudding by American standards, but is quite yummy. Its got a crispy round crust and a moist, doughy center that is perfect for dipping in the roasty juices and goodness.

The sheer size of the roast was impressive. I of course had leftovers, but the waitress seemed really confused when we asked for a box for take away. (It is not a usual practice here, to take leftovers home, but we still do it because we often times have enough for lunch the next day!) I wish I got a photo of it, but the waitress came back with my leftovers in a pizza box :). It was a really great, satisfying Sunday.

Digging in!