Last fall Omri’s friend and coworker, KP, came to visit us! So, in an effort to be good guides, we took him to Stonehenge; this happened to be Omri’s first time there and my second.

The stones!

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Stonehenge is about an hour away from where we live and it was a pretty typical grey British day. The winds were pretty wild too, which you can see from my crazy hair flipping everywhere!

Oh hai sheeps!

We didn’t get the audioguides (sorry Omri!) so we just walked around the stones. Basically if you wiki Stonehenge, you’ll see that it is a Neolithic structure that they think could have been a burial ground. So Gene – not much has changed since we first went back in like 2000.


It was still pretty impressive to see up close – these stones are huge and it’s a little nutty to think how people way back in 3000 – 2000 BC hoisted them up to balance on the top of each other without cranes or other modern forms of technology!

Being a silly tourista



It was fun to do something touristy after having settled into British life and culture and to play tour guide again!