A few weekends ago we visited the South Cerney Street Fair in the neighboring town of South Cenery. The fair was amazing, filled with great food vendors, a drum line, and most importantly, a duck race in the river!

The duck race!

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It was a three day festival during the Bank Holiday and we joined on the last day. The street fair started with rides from the car park to the festival in vintage bus carriages.

Pups boarded the buses too

There were tons of great vendors, including the fudge stand below which we couldn’t resist 🙂

Nutella fudge, mint chip fudge, strawberry fudge, honeycomb candy

The fair basically took over the whole town of South Cerney with small vendors and families selling food or goods (garage sale style), mostly to raise money for different charitable organizations.

Lamb sausages on the bbq


Cute home along the river

We grabbed some lamb burgers and beers and headed out along the river for the main event – the duck races!

Bow Wow Street! I had to get a pic

The crowd really started gathering! Good thing Omri and I parked it by the bridge early to stake out a prime spot!

Crowds coming to cheer on the ducks!

And finally, the ducks were released into the river! We “bought” a duck for a chance to win a prize, but alas, it did not win.

So many duckies!

Walking home, we passed by a few sheep farms. The sheep were not very interested in taking a close up photo with us and actually move away from us! Rude! Don’t they want to be featured on the blog??

Omri admiring all the sheeps 🙂