Omri and I went sailing once in San Diego with some friends and it was really fun! So when we heard about the sailing at the Cotswold Water Park, we decided that we should take a little boat out on the lake and make an afternoon of it!

The Cotswold Water Park

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When we heard about the Cotswold Water Park, our thoughts went to a theme park similar to Raging Waters or Wild Rivers or something with a ton of pools, slides, and inner tubes. But this water park is slightly different – its a series of man made lakes in the Cotswolds with recreational activities such as sailing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, and speed boating.

The sailboats!

It was a fun afternoon with a good amount of sunlight and some gusty winds, which made for a more adventurous sailing expedition. The gusts made it so that we went fast and then slow, and then fast again, and then there was no movement at all. But as the afternoon went on, the wind picked up! Due to the fact that neither Omri nor I are experienced sailors, I did not take my phone on the boat, for fear of capsizing (luckily we stayed upright!).

The campgrounds

The areas around the water park were really pretty and we wandered around while waiting for the sailing instructor. There is a park and a few teepees set up for camping and it also seemed as if they did summer camps for kids, as there was a huge group of kids paddling out to that small island seen in the picture above while we were there!

The lake

We really enjoyed sailing and will definitely go again!

Enjoying some honeycomb ice cream