In 2015 England hosted the Rugby World Cup, which was really fun to experience first hand in the host country. We saw a few games, including a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand, but all on the telly. We did get to go to Gloucester, the epicenter of the rugby games in the UK, where the city went to town (good one huh?) with team spirit for the England National team!

Proud banners flying throughout the city!

Click to read Gloucester is about an hour away from us and is a huge city. We went to visit on a sunny Sunday and got to take in all the rugby fun that was scattered throughout the streets.

A Scrumpty Sculpture

The city was lined with these Scrumpty Sculptures, all decorated by local artists, displaying the Scrumpty – Gloucester’s mascot – which is a mix between a rugby ball and Humpty Dumpty.

We walked by the Gloucester Quays, a fun shopping and dining area by the old quays (pronounced “keys” apparently…) and buildings that had been renovated and decked out in rugby gear.

The Quays
Rugby World Cup!

It was a nice afternoon in the sun! We stopped for lunch and had “Mexican” food! It was the first time in a long time and I was dying for it! I got a margarita and we split a burrito and nachos! 🙂

Our much needed Mexican food fix!