The Teddy Bear has really been enjoying the UK, especially the countryside. He enjoys the cooler temps, the wind in his fur, and the tall grasses. So as we were driving about, we kept seeing signs for “Public Footpaths” and decided to check one out!

And also, I apologize that this has been a very pup-centric week for posts (though they have been few and far between, sorry! I’ll be better next week). But I mean, who can resist Teddy? 🙂


Click through to read onWe have been letting Teddy off-leash in nearby parks – this is a huge step for him and us! He has been meeting other off-leash dogs on these walks as well and has been really nice to them! And by nice, I mean not barking or trying to attack (with his 1 front tooth…). He even played with a small puppy that we’ve seen a few times on a walk! (Play is a relative term for the TB. He may have pranced around the other pup and smelled him, and let the puppy do the same back to him.)

Nonetheless Teddy enjoys the freedom of the countryside and the lack of his usual tormentors: buses, trucks (garbage especially!), and anything diesel (which is pretty much 90% of the cars here). So we let him lead the way on this public footpath – a nice pedestrian footpath between farms!

A happy pup
The path
The path

The paths seem to be well used and well kept. There are no signs of pet fouling [poops] and there is enough room that cars can drive through to get from one property to another. And it seems to go on for miles!

My two guys
My two guys

For a city/suburbs girl like me, being that close to the farms and the wheat and rapeseed and stalks of what could be corn or some other farm crop is really cool! The countryside is so quiet that you can actually hear the sounds of nature, like birds, bees, and other small creatures rustling about.

I also wore my wellies because I was worried the path would be muddy – yay for waterproof and protective footwear!

Teddy and Omri really need to get on the wellie train!