Cars are pretty cool. I mean, I like that they are pretty, can be shiny, get you from A to B… and all that stuff LOL (I swear I’m not that shallow but this is to prove a point). Now Omri on the other hand, he is the one who LOVES cars in case you haven’t heard. This is probably going to be a really boring post and would actually be way better if he did a guest post, but alas, one of us must bring home the bacon, so here is my feeble attempt at a post about cars and a fun race we went to this summer!

We discovered Prescott, a nearby hill climb and also the home of the Bugatti Owner’s club (which we are not a part of, drat!). It was a lovely day out so we set out for a day of burning rubber tires, petrol, and a ton of beautiful cars.

Only a mere fraction of the cars we saw!

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In a lay-person’s terms, Prescott is the home of a hill climb track. It’s a really short track up a hill that cars race on, individually, against the clock. There was a HUGE range of cars that were there, from F1-ish and true racing cars, to classic cars (the oldest was a Bugatti that was from around 1909! and still running!), and modern cars. It was a lot for my uneducated car-brain to digest, but really fun to watch and see! And Omri was super enthused about it, so it was great just for that.

Fan boy with his car shirt and car picnic blanket!
Two classic cars going up the hill!

The cars were all parked and laid out according to type – classic on the upper terrace, modern on the lower, F1-types here, vintage over there. All the owners were there for the whole weekend, with their cars parked in neat rows, waiting for their turn at the hill. We got to walk among the rows, taking photos, and enjoying the sweet smells of the exhaust.

Omri in car heaven 🙂


Also, I’ll see if Omri can comment on the specific types of cars later (or you guys can too! Feel free to comment and correct as necessary, because in case it wasn’t evident, I really don’t know much outside of my extensive loyalty to 5 series 🙂 ).


The track was pretty short so we saw a bunch of cars go up the hill – it was also really viewer friendly as there were a ton of areas to watch from. The GIF above is from us at the start line, but you could basically stand anywhere and every view was great!



It was a really fun and unique experience!