As summer comes to a close (so sad!), we are still enjoying the last few rays of sunshine here in England before, well, the real weather sets in. We have been sipping on Pimm’s cups, a summertime British cocktail, and savoring the last of the warm weather.


Click for our version of a Pimm’s cup

We were first introduced to the Pimm’s cup earlier in the summer, and since then I decided to buy Pimm’s and make my own version of it! My recipe is as follows:

1 part Pimm’s Cup
2 parts cider (I like Elderflower or Pear)
Fresh mint

I like to muddle the mint and cucumber first, and then slightly macerate the berries. Then I add the ice, booze, and enjoy! Pretty easy huh?


Most of the time Pimm’s cups are made with citrus fruits instead of berries, and lemon-lime soda, rather than cider, but I had these ingredients on hand and liked the taste!

Pimm’s is a liquor with a flavor that (I think) is hard to place – to describe it, I would just say its got a sweet, slightly fruity and every so slightly spiced flavor. It is a dark color (as seen above in my almost finished bottle!) and there are 6 versions of it, No. 1 being a liquor, all the way up to No.6 which is a vodka-based drink.

It’s such a nice, easy drink to make and enjoy, especially while the sun is shining! Pimm’s cups remind me of our first British summer and warm, carefree days in the Cotswolds.