Not that I was on any regular schedule or anything… sorry for not posting recently [Gene]! However, this is a quick flash of what I’ve been up to, if you haven’t seen on Insta. (I’ll do a bigger post later on, after I’ve caught up with the other backlog of posts – I like to try and keep things chronological, otherwise my brain will be very confused.)

Hello California!

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Omri and I are in California for a HOT second (the pun is real people – there has been an EXTREME heat wave, I’m sure all you Californians know, but for those who don’t, it’s cray. Like really really cray. 90ºF and higher temps!) and this is just a quick taste of some of the things we’ve been eating, seeing, and eating more.

Above is a pic of Solana Beach – I tell people this when I first see them, but I nearly cried seeing the ocean again, no joke. It’s beautiful and I really don’t get why more people don’t just MOVE to CA. I also understand the whole “sunshine tax” because seriously there are no words. Waking up, walking a block to the beach, feeling the sand in your toes while the Pacific Ocean crashes along the shore. Nothing. Else. Like. It.


I wasn’t craving In-N-Out, but look at it! Who can resist?

On the topic of food…

Not the most flattering pic…

We met up with our old friend and officiant Luis for dinner at Bazaar in LA and had some AMAZING foods. My fave is pictured above – Cotton Candy Fois Gras. Unbelievable!

Can you tell that you can move the California girl to another country and she’ll still be a die-hard California girl?? I will be homesick from this trip for a long time!

Sunset over the harbor and airport