Top Gear

I am proud to report that I now drive on the left! This was otherwise known as “the wrong side” or “the other side”, but not to me! Because now, its just “driving”! Trust me, the exclamations are necessary here, as driving has revolutionized my life. Not really, but I basically feel like a teenager again, knowing I can go anywhere and everywhere – but really I just don’t have to lug my groceries all the walk home while walking.

My hot wheels!

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Explore: Bournemouth

It has been beautiful out and we decided to take advantage of it by going to Bournemouth, a city on the Southern coast of England.

Bournemouth Beach

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Summer has arrived to the UK! And it’s amazing! The sun is shining, its hot (ok fine, warm, like 70°F, but when you are used to the 50s, thats warm!), and people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather!

A beautiful day in Cirencester!

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Explore: Paris, Part 2

There is a huge learning curve that comes with living in Europe. One of the things we’ve learned quickly is that most things close almost completely on Sundays (or have extremely reduced hours). Its actually sort of a nice change, to see that companies actually want their employees to rest and that they sacrifice an entire day’s worth of sales to give people a break.

Paris is no exception to this Sunday-off rule. Knowing this, we started the day off with a casual breakfast at Cafe Charlot. Checking the forecast beforehand, it wasn’t due to rain until the afternoon, but we got caught in an early downpour. Nonetheless we still sat on the sidewalk to soak in the Parisian sights and enjoy our brunch.

Brunch: Eggs with salmon, brioche l’ancienne, fruit salad, tomato salad, and baguette with dill spread

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Explore: Paris, Part 1

When I say “Paris”, an inevitable sigh is followed. For those of you who don’t know, or have never had a long enough conversation with me (but let’s be real, it ALWAYS comes up), I studied abroad in Paris in 2009 with Roxanne. Omri and I went to Paris for a delayed anniversary trip and it was wonderful. Both of us had been before, but it was different to be there with each other, especially when there was no pressure to see and do all the “Paris-y” things that one should do at least once. We let our stomachs be the guide, strolling along and taking it easy, enjoying the beautiful weather and all the beauty that Paris has to offer.

This is part 1 of 2 of my Paris vacation with Omri, because too much scrolling through a huge post of photos can cause carpel tunnel (you’re welcome! Jk, these are just a long posts, and I need a break from my thoroughly tiring life 😉 ).

Picnic sur le Champs de Mars (photo by Omri, also featured on his Insta)

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The Tunnel House

Amelia and Eran joined us one night for dinner at The Tunnel House, an old pub that used to cater to miners! We had pies and pints – savory and delish!

All our posts will now be sponsored by Land Rover (jk)

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South Cerney Street Fair

A few weekends ago we visited the South Cerney Street Fair in the neighboring town of South Cenery. The fair was amazing, filled with great food vendors, a drum line, and most importantly, a duck race in the river!

The duck race!

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Weekend Recap

This past weekend Omri and I went to Paris! It was a delayed anniversary trip and also an extended weekend jaunt to my favorite city in the world! I will make a full post on this later, but here are a few snippets in the meantime…

So. Much. Cheese. 🙂

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Homemade Crusty White Bread

Omri and I have now developed a taste for a nightly cheese course (good thing I walk 5 miles a day!) – and what better to accompany cheese than fresh bread or baguette! While strolling down the aisles of Waitrose and Tesco, two of our local supermarkets, I discovered a TON of awesome baking ingredients, including multitudes of flours and bread mixes!

The final product with brie

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