Today is the final installment of our snowy Scandinavian trip – and our last stop was Stockholm, Sweden! We rung in the new year in Stockholm and got to see and eat some of the city’s best!

Stockholm, Sweden!

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After leaving the snowy wonderland of Rovaniemi, we flew over to Stockholm, Sweden where we spent the last day of 2015 sightseeing and exploring.

Our first day in town was spent at the Vasa Museum, a museum with a huge in-tact Viking ship on display. It was really impressive because it was extremely well preserved since it sunk in 1628! We also met up with Eran and Amelia and toured around with them for the day.

The ship in the background

It was a beautiful day out so we enjoyed the snowy streets (no falling snow…yet!) and the quiet city on the last day of the year.



We walked around the old city, Gamla Stan, which is nestled on a small semi-island in the middle of the city.

Stortorget square

Later that evening we had dinner at Smak – there was a special pre-fixed menu with 7 courses for New Years Eve.


The dinner was really tasty and at midnight we rung in 2016 with toasts and the whole staff of the restaurant went outside in the freezing weather to attempt to see fireworks. We followed them out there and stood in the cold for as long as we could!

Cheers! (from my Snaps, sorry for the grainy darkness!)

The next morning we slept in and enjoyed a lazy January 1st. We walked over to Fotografiska, a really cool photography museum that I would really recommend visiting. There was an exhibit by Martin Schoeller called “Up Close” where he photographed very up-close portraits of famous people – celebrities, politicians, athletes, and also other regular[ish] people.

The museum from above – a cool location by the water


The museum also featured an exhibit on Guy Bourdain:

It was a really well curated museum with great exhibits!

After the museum we continued to walk around the city with no place in particular in mind.


We walked around the Sodermalm area and peeked into the windows of the stores (which were mostly closed because it was New Years Day) and came across a restaurant called Pelikan, a traditional Swedish restaurant. Finally! Swedish meatballs!

I know, you missed the food pics right?

We had a traditional potato pancake with a huge scoop of roe, cream, and dill, and the meatballs seen above and potato dumplings. I was quite happy with these foods :).

The next day was Omri’s birthday (!) and also our last day in town. It was also SNOWING that morning! I was really excited, this was the first time we were out in the falling snow during the trip!

Smiling for the pic, freezing on the inside


We went to Moderna Museet (the modern art museum) – full confession, this was just an OK museum. It was really busy and crowded (most likely because a lot of other things were still closed) and it was not very big. I feel like I’ve been so impressed by other museums lately, namely Louisiana, that this one was just meh in comparison. But still cool, see pics for evidence!

Fun installations
A cool light room

After the museum we walked back over to the main shopping area of Stockholm and had lunch in a small cafe. The snow had stopped and the sun was shining!


Couldn’t resist!

Stockholm is a great city, easy to get around with public transport, good sights and food, and great sights! We had a terrific time in Scandinavia and will look back on this trip with very fond memories!