Our Scandinavian adventure was quite a whirlwind! We visited 4 cities in 9 days and spent Christmas and New Years in the snow. It was a really great way to end the year on a high note, with really great food, sightseeing, and adventures!

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

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Our first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark. We arrived on Christmas day and I had made reservations for Christmas dinner at Höst. This meal was unbelievable! Omri rates it easily as one of his top 5 meals, ever (pre-fixed category, “second only to the meals at Riviera Supper Club…”). We both enjoyed their pre-fixed menu, mine was the Host Menu (with wine pairing) and his was the Host Signature, and let me tell you, they were both amazing. Each came with 3 set courses, but there were also “surprises” throughout, including two aperitifs, two desserts, and a few others in between (and that amazing bread I teased last post)!

The next day we wandered around Copenhagen, leisurely taking in the sights and enjoying a quiet city, still reveling in their post-Christmas daze. We strolled by the river and snaked through Freetown Christiania, where I took a photo outside the actual settlement area, abiding by the rules.


We decided to carry on and venture over to Noma to fawn over it like foodie fans and rue the fact that we couldn’t get reservations before they closed!

About that time we went to Noma…
This photo makes me smile 🙂

After seeing Nyhavn (pic featured at the beginning of the post), we hopped on a train to go to the Louisiana Museum, which was about 30 minutes away from the city center. This museum is amazing and totally worth the trip! It puts a lot of other modern art museums to shame, or maybe it was just the great exhibit by Yayoi Kusama, but nonetheless it was really really awesome! It was truly inspiring to see.

Stickers! Dots! Everywhere!
Blurry Infinity Room

The next day we went to Torvehallerne for breakfast, which is a marketplace with really fancy and beautiful foods. We had some great pour over coffee from The Coffee Collective, fantastic smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), and a bahn mi sandwich rivaling those on El Cajon Blvd in San Diego (bold statement, I know!).

We then meandered along one of the main road, Øster Volgade, with a vague destination in mind, and happened upon Botanisk Have, a botanical garden. Inside the greenhouse was like defrosting in a topical island. The palms and trees and flora were huge!


There was a second story to the greenhouse with a fun spiral staircase leading up to it.


The greenhouse was a very welcome break from the rainy and 40°F temps (just wait, it gets lower…)

We continued on, and walked over to the Kastellet area, a star-shaped military fortress.

IMG_4398 copy

And then after walking for what felt like forever in the slightly miserable weather, we made it to The Little Mermaid, the statue I set out to see! Once we reached it, the clouds parted and gave way for some sunshine!


The Mermaid statue itself is pretty small, and was swarming with tourists. Nonetheless its the “icon” of Copenhagen so after seeing it I felt a little more accomplished in my sight-seeing tour of Copenhagen.

Our final stop in Denmark before heading to our next destination was Tivoli Gardens. When I first looked it up I thought it was just a regular garden, decorated and kept up nicely. Our hotel was nearby and the first night we arrived in town, we could hear screams and shouts from the garden, because it is actually more of an amusement park! It was like a cross between Disneyland and a Christmas Market – two of my favorite things! There were tons of restaurants and stands, rides and attractions (including these really cool wooden benches that were actually xylophones that you could play! And Omri definitely did!), really ornate buildings for shows and musical acts, and beautiful Christmas decorations and lights everywhere!

And a video, which I posted to Snapchat (@dorenelew – feel free to follow along to My Stories!):

Copenhagen was an awesome city, really fun to explore and see!

Stay tuned for more of our Scandinavian adventures and to see where Part 2 takes us!