One weekend I convinced Omri to go to an Onion Fayre! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but basically it was just what it sounds like – a huge festival in a nearby town (Newent) celebrating that lovely root vegetable that often brings tears to my eyes, the magical and extremely tasty onion.

A basket of goodies!

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Remember, we live in a small town. So a fayre (or fair as us Americans would say) is sort of a fun thing to go to and see! This onion fayre was no different!

The fayre was set in the small town of Newent, a small town located in the Forest of Dean District. When we got there it was full of the usual English street fair garb, carnival games and rides, stalls selling random nicknacks for charity, and some food vendors. Great, but not the onion-y goodness I was looking for…

A beautiful day!

There was a live band and it was beautiful out, so we ventured further into the fayre, which was full of people enjoying the last few days of summer.

THEN… we found them! The ONIONS! 🙂 I was super excited for some odd reason, but this is a part of the small town charm! Like Stars Hollow! (Don’t pretend like you don’t binge watch Gilmore Girls…and talk about the exciting news about a reunion! Ok, moving on…)

Inside a small, hot, stuffy community center were the onions on display. Though it smelled like B.O. and well, onions, it was really fun and exciting to see! Prize-winning onions! (It’s the small things in life people! And no, I haven’t lost it!)

First and second prize string bulb onions!

I know nothing about onions. Well, besides the practical things like they come in red, white, and yellow, that they make you cry when you cut them, and that they add wonderful flavor to your foods. So it was really interesting to see all the different categories of onions that were on display – all the different colored onions, shallots (!! a favorite of ours!!), leeks, and even these awesome veggie sculptures!

The sculptures (above) were super cute! And they were all made by school children, making them even more impressive.

HUGE onions!

All the prize winners were on display and a lot of them were gigantic, larger than I ever thought they could grow to be! The onions were as big as my hand, and some leeks were as large as the whole width of the tables!

Omri with the prize winners !

The onions were really fun to see and it reminded me of the Del Mar Fair that also showed off some fun, quirky displays of large vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

But, no trip to the Onion Fayre is complete without onion soup!!!

Fresh onion soup and baguette!

That soup was amazing and I think I smelled like onions for a week after. But it was worth it! 🙂