With the weather being mostly “nice” (a very relative term coming from a native Californian) the foliage around our home has been amazing. Wildflowers, which I thought were weeds at first (but in some ways sort of are?), are everywhere, including our backyard! So, with this burst of mid-summer sun, I decided to try and actually cultivate and grow some plants on my own.

Spinach sprouting!

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The photo above is of spinach, that I planted as SEEDS and have been cultivating in this temporary planter that once held some basil I bought at the supermarket. I think that is where this all came from – instead of buying a small bunch of basil, Amelia suggested that I buy the whole plant, that came potted and had a bunch of leaves on it already. And, that was about 2 months ago – the plant is still alive and kicking! But, its dried out a bit since being on vacation and is not pretty enough to show on the blog at this time. I’m still nursing it back to health, so maybe in the future I’ll show it here (hold your breath people. No, don’t).

Omri and I went to Dobbies, an awesome home and gardening store that is in town. It has a huge outdoor section with plants and sheds and greenhouses, and an indoor section with pretty much everything else (or as a local friend called it, “a nice gift shop”), including a small food area with a butcher and a cafe that is rumored to have a great breakfast deal! At Dobbies we picked up a few gardening supplies, seeds, pots, and plants! Below are a few of the highlights:

IMG_1218 (1)
Tom-attt-toes! (Said with an accent of course)

These tomatoes are really cute and we bought then with fruit already on the plant. More fruit has showed up, but the leaves have been a bit sad and drooping because of the lack of full sun. It has been hanging on our mini pergola but hopefully will bare enough fruit for a caprese!

Aubergines, aka eggplants

I’m in love with aubergines and really really want these plants to work! Our garden has so much growing in it right now and it inspired me to try and plant something in the ground. But, when I went to dig up some dirt, the ground was a bit rocky and didn’t seem all that nutritious. I added some fertilizer/mulchy stuff to give the plants some extra encouragement to take to the ground and so far so good! No fruit yet, but there are more leaves than when we first got them, so I am hoping for the best!

And now finally, for the most fun surprise of all…

Discreet vines growing through the deck!

These beautiful vines have been springing up through the deck and are very robust. And, they are bearing fruit!! I never noticed until we were watching our friend Paddington – he marched over to the vines right away and started eating the berries right off the vines! I was a little concerned about these “wild berries” at first but then picked a few (the vines are SUPER thorny which gave me a clue that they may be ok to eat – my rationale was that if the berries want to protect themselves rather than poison their eaters, they should be ok….right? See that Biology degree coming into handy?) and ate a few and they were safe!

Thanks for the find Peeps!

And, after a bit of searching online, I am calling it – these are MULBERRIES!! So great huh? (Because the name of the bloggggggg!) They are really sweet when they are fully ripe and though we only get a few at a time, they are really nice and a great summer treat!