Oh Donna and Gene. I know, you all must think, what was it like growing up in their shadow? To be honest, I never quite noticed their star power until later on in life, so growing up felt pretty normal. Except when friends asked if “she” (aka Donna) was my older sister, or for the fact that at my own wedding I heard the names “Donna and Gene” more than I heard my own. But enough about them… 🙂

I joke! I love my parents: Gene, one of my most loyal readers (making up the whopping 50% of my loyal readership), and you already know Donna. They decided to “pop by” England after summering in France and spent a long weekend with us, starting with Bristol and Cirencester. Here is one half of their England 2015 Tour.

Donna and Gene invade Cirencester!

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Omri and I picked Donna and Gene up from Bristol airport and we toured around the Clifton area, stopping at a gastropub for a light lunch fayre, and then continuing on to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge.


The weather started out nicely, with a good amount of sun and warmth. But beware the English summers! Within a half hour, a few clouds rolled through and stopped our tour of Bristol short, but that didn’t stop the fun “look at the door DOR!” montage that you will now feast your eyes on.

Thanks for being a good sport Gene!

That evening we had reservations at 5 North Street, a really posh restaurant with a Michelin Star in a tiny village called Winchcombe. It was a 4 course meal that lasted 3 hours and was one of the tastiest menus I’ve ever had!


The plates were small but so yummy that we were STUFFED after it was all said and done. The dishes were beautifully crafted and everything was so good!

Sorry Gene, I couldn’t resist this GIF! This is Gene, drinking a strawberry soup from his dessert.



The next morning we had a nice leisurely breakfast spread at our house and were off to explore Cirencester. The first photo (at the top of the page) is of me + the rents at Cirencester Abbey Grounds, and as you could see it was a beautiful day out! We walked around the town, popping into the cute shops and showing Donna and Gene all the charms of small town living.



Tune in later this week to see where Donna and Gene go next! 🙂