Before we get too far along into 2016 (jk, this is my feeble attempt to apologize for being so far behind! Can you believe its already mid-Feb?!?), I’d like to do as the cool kids are saying and am going to “flash back” to a sunnier and warmer time – fall! (Though, I must add, we are getting some great winter sun here this past week! But geez San Diego and LA, can you guys keep your temps under control? Enough bragging already!)

As fall was beginning, we decided to take a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum (before we went this time) and experience the start of fall and the changing colors in all their full glory!

A beautiful sunny day!

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No beautiful and sunny day would be complete without the Teddy Bear!! He came along with us to the arboretum and enjoyed the changing seasons and crunchy fallen leaves, as seen here :).

Seasons are new to us, and fall has always been a favorite of mine. But seeing it with all these seasonal trees that actually change color and drop their foliage is brilliant! (Like that use of Britt-speak? lol)


Some of the colors were really vivid, and this was early in September, when they were just starting to change. We explored the trails and used the great weather as an excuse to frolic in the sun.

All smiles!

Knowing what I know now about the weather really changes my perspective on the sunshine; now I really appreciate every bit of the light and seeing blue skies, no matter what the temperature! (Though we’ll see how long that lasts once we’re back in CA and the temps are sweltering!) But for now, I really have learned to savor it and not take it for granted!

The trails at Westonbirt are really fun and winding, perfect for a day out in nature!

Fun and hammy photo ops!


I’ll post a few more old posts from 2015 before moving on to our more recent adventures – come back on Thursday for more fall fun!