Life lately has been hectic. This is a short post just to address a few life events that happened, some good, some not so good, and reflect on what keeps us going.

Three generations

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A few sad happenings…

Earlier this month Omri lost his grandfather, the great patriarch of the family, and a wonderful man, father, and grandfather.

We felt the aftershocks of the Paris attacks in Europe, though less in our sleepy countryside town in England. We have a few trips planned but we won’t let fear stop us from living life and still feel safe living our lives normally.

But also on to happier notes…

I got a part-time job so I’ve been working – but let’s be real for a moment. The grass is always greener.

We celebrated what I liked to tell people, “American Thanksgiving” (because there is a Canadian Thanksgiving, and people often either guess that I’m American or Canadian, so this was just to cement the whole “American” thing).

Similar to last year, Omri and I made the turkey (a 5 kg bird!) and a beef roast, with some veggies, and shared the hosting with our friends, Eran and Amelia. We invited other Americans to join us for an great feast with all the trimmings! Also, thanks to the people who I inevitably reach out to in a panic for recipes, turkey guidance, and other miscellaneous bits of help. If you emailed these tips to me, just know they were referenced multiple times and are archived in my email for years to come.

Teddy + Omri keeping watch on the turkey
Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for everyone in our lives and we wish you joy and happiness throughout the holidays!