Last weekend was the Lechlade music Festival, a three day festival in the neighboring town, Lechlade-on-Thames. We went Friday night and the headliners were Bon Giovi and Whole Lotta Led.

Lechlade Music Festival
Lechlade Music Festival

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I, the unknowing American, was worried about bringing in a water bottle and an umbrella into the festival and asked the parking steward if they were both allowed. He looked at me strangely and was like, you guys are not from around here, huh? Little did we know that the Brits are serious about their festivals and come PREPARED. Not only are they really into the camping aspect, which is a hardcore experience to say the least: think muddy, grassy fields, the possibility of rain, and nary a shower in sight (that I saw at least)! Those who didn’t set up camp for the weekend came ready with full picnics, camping chairs and benches, umbrellas, prams, booze, and dogs!

Inside the Shire Stage watching the Pistol Kings
Inside the Shire Stage watching the Pistol Kings

This festival had one main stage and two separate tents with bands and a bar. They were serving the local Hobglobin beers – I had the Hobglobin Gold which is very reminiscent of the hoppy beers of San Diego…sigh… Inside the Shire Stage we watched the Pistol Kings – Omri was convinced that the bassist looked like Ashton Kutcher, see below to judge for yourself.

Ashton, is that you?

There were a ton of food stalls (our FAVORITE part of most festivals and street fairs) and the Sausage Fest was really tasty!

Sausages. Enough said.
Sausage Fest., enough said.

Then it was time for the main acts, Bon Giovi and Whole Lotta Led. Bon Giovi was great, with super cheesy dance moves and black [p]leather pants! He sang the greats: Shot Through the Heart, Living on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name… all the awesome sing-along hits! It was a great time and a fun way to see how the Brits do their festivals and concerts.

Bon Giovi
The legend himself, Bon Giovi