It’s a rainy day here in England so I wanted to relive (and post) a warmer, sunnier day! Since we live in the countryside, there are a lot of cute, independent organic farms and farmshops (selling their goods: veggies, meats, dairy, etc)  around the area. We heard a local farmshop, Jolly Nice, from Eran and Amelia and decided to visit and grab some lunch.

The beautiful veggies!

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The farmshop is located off a highway and took over an old gas station. Sounds glamorous huh? Well, actually it was pretty cool, almost hipster in fact! There was a converted Airstream that was selling burgers, a butcher, fresh veg from their organic garden, a cafe selling coffee, wine and beer, and ice cream, a ton of picnic tables overlooking the cows, and a yurt!

Omri admiring the meats

We got burgers, which were super fresh and made from the very cows grazing on their grass (talk about farm to table!) and beers and ate them while admiring the…cows…

My mouth waters just looking at this!!

It was a little strange to overlook the cows while, well, eating burgers, but they looked happy and were free and enjoying the sun and grass, just like us.

See? They are happy little pups cows! 🙂

After lunch we went back inside to check out the veg assortment they had for sale, and also to pick up some dessert.

Everything looked so fresh and colorful!

We decided on salted caramel ice cream (though I overheard people ordering the “brown bread” flavour and was so intrigued! Gotta try it next time!) and a peanut butter cup bar (and a cappuccino for Omri). We were basically in heaven.

We’ll definitely be going back for more!