Ok, so I’m not really IN California, but I had to do the Adele-CA connection (you know, since we are here in Britain and all…)!

Eek! Omri and I are now in our final stretch of our UK adventure – can you believe it? Rather, I can barely believe it! Soon, we’ll be back in America, and back to real life (for me at least!)! So, as an homage to our home, here is a recount of our trip back to CA that we took a mere 5 months ago and that I teased here. (Yes, I’m 5 months behind, so sue me!)

I can almost feel the sand in my toes!

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Back in October 2015, we traveled back to the homeland (California) for almost 3 full weeks to visit family and friends, and also to get our residency visas for the UK. During this time we split our travels between LA, SD, and Northern California. We were so lucky to visit with good friends and eat good foods – foods that I still actively crave and yearn for (even right this very second!). Here are a few goodies:

*This is not a travel guide, but more of a tribute to [one of] my love[s], California…

San Diego:

Not the sexiest photo, but oh, so wonderful! California Burrittooooo from El Zarape!!! What dreams are made of!
Catching up with college mates!
Laurel Exchange with the faves 🙂
Tacos for breakfast! And more tacos here

Los Angeles:

Brunch with besties! Missed you Sab!!
Technically Irvine, but I travel for my people!
Family 🙂 – Looking very Kardashian Kristmas Kard…
Fuenty 🙂

Northern California:

Being tourists in SF!
Dinner in Sonoma
Wine tasting!

So the things I missed most? Friends, Family, Tacos (and Burritos – I know, I’m a maniac).  Oh and the fact that the weather was perfect every freaking day didn’t bother me much. (To be real, it was almost a little too hot. But looking at the temps here, 80°F isn’t too shabby compared to a mild 46°F (real-time) – and remember, it is warming up now!

California is our home and I can’t wait to get back to it!