We recently went to an art exhibit called Fresh Air. This is a sculpture exhibit in the gardens of the Quenington Old Rectory in Cirencester with the sculptures displayed amongst the garden. It was really cool to go and visit and see all the art in nature – even Teddy enjoyed it!

A large wooden art piece

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The sculptures were really diverse and were made of many different media. There were pieces made of metal, yarn, wood, glass, and plastics, and I’m sure other stuff that we didn’t even see. We brought Teddy along with us to help expose him to the beautiful art. Also, bare with me as we didn’t take a guided/audio tour so I don’t have the names of pieces and artists.

En route to the Rectory (what an funny name!)

We came on the last day of the exhibition so it was quite busy, but for good reason!

The pool was just a tiny part of the gardens

The art was displayed really nicely among the natural landscape and sometimes the pieces were a nice surprise to stumble upon as you walked along.

Metal flowers

There was a lake in the middle of the property and a few bridges that connected the two huge gardens.

The Teddy Bear was excited to see more of the exhibit!
A cultured pup!
The main estate

There was even a live band and snacks! We took a quick tea break and then found a swing under this gigantic tree – I’m not sure if it was part of the exhibit, but it was quite fun!


We really enjoyed the way the art was displayed among the nature!