The second half of our NYC trip was mostly surrounding Omri’s work – he was picked to be part of a small group to ring the opening bell on the Nasdaq to celebrate his company’s 5th year on the exchange!

But first, back to the foods and hanging with Donna (who couldn’t stay for the ringing)!

IMG_4752 copy
A sunny day in Central Park!

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We were so lucky with all the great weather, and it didn’t end after the weekend! We decided to spend Donna’s last day in the city doing a bit of touristy sight-seeing, including going to Rockefeller Plaza and Central Park! But first, a stop at Momofuku Milk Bar for breakfast…consisting of a warm cheese toasty and a slice of crack pie!

Stop #1 to a Momofuku resto…

After our delicious and sugary breakfast, we walked through Central Park to enjoy the weather:

Strolling through Strawberry Fields


After our walk through the park, Donna left for CA. It was really fun seeing her and getting to explore the city with her! Thanks for hanging out with us Donna!

Omri and I then went to the Guggenheim and sat on the Met steps (à la GG):


After a cookie stop at Levian Bakery, we headed to Ssam Bar (Stop #2 for the Momofuku Group) for dinner, which, was AMAZING!

Pork buns!

The next day it was time for the big event – the Nasdaq opening bell! The Market-site is in Times Square, and we walked over from our hotel in mid-town. It was really exciting getting to see the site and go to the filming studio where they show the markets opening on CNBC, MSNBC, and a bunch of other channels!

Outside the studio!

It was fun to see and meet Omri’s coworkers and feel the excitement!

BTS of Nasdaq!
A quick selfie in the studio with Eran and Amelia!

Amelia and I were also invited to come and be on the stage with the rest of the company when the bell was rung by the CEO! 🙂

There were tons of photo ops and once the bell had rung we all gathered outside to see the photos be projected onto the big screen in Times Square! It was really surreal and awesome!

Omri in Times Square!

This was an amazing moment and I’m so happy that we were able to go and experience it!

Oh, and one more Momofuku stop at Noodle Bar (#3, but who’s counting) before we left, because who can say no!

Enjoying a mulled cider (left) and spicy lychee (right) slushie!

I heart New York! 🙂