Back in February, we took a work trip to New York for 5 days and met up with one half of the infamous Donna & Gene duo – Donna! 🙂 She flew in for an extended weekend and the three of us toured around, all glasses left empty and plates licked clean!

At the Highline

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The theme of our travels lately has been COLD – and this was no exception. The week before was the Blizzard of 2016, shutting down all of Manhattan and causing us to hold our breath to see how our trip, planned for the following weekend, would turn out. Luckily, the weather mellowed and the sun actually came out to give us a show! But it was still quite chilly, and there was TONS of snow everywhere!

Still buried! A week later!

However, the snow didn’t affect our mission: to enjoy NYC and all its goodies (foodies, mainly, and sights of course)!

Omri and I met up with Donna on Saturday – she arrived on the red eye Friday morning and we came in late Friday night. What you will see below is a lovely mixture of foods and touristy events, enjoy 🙂 (long post with lots of pictures alert!):

First stop, Russ & Daughters (the shop/deli, because the actual resto was CRAZY! A 2 hour wait, for breakfast!):

Enjoying our bagels and lox and the crisp Manhattan air!

Then off to the 9/11 Memorial, something neither of us had seen before:

IMG_3298 copy
The weather was so clear and beautiful

And what trip to New York would be complete without a walk to Chinatown and some Dim Sum at Jing Fong, and of course, dan-tats (egg custard tarts, my FAVORITE!):

YUM! I want some now!!!

We walked pretty much all over town. And then stopped when we got hungry! What a great trip it was… and this was only the first day!

Other highlights (sans pics), happy hour at Beecher’s – really yummy mac and cheese – dinner at Eataly’s pop-up restaurant, Biata.

The next day we brunched near Washington Square Park (at Jane’s, nothing so notable besides their humongous portions and 90s decor), and then walked to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge!

Ed. Note: B-T-Dubs, Manhattan (or the whole state of New York?) has a law where no restaurant or bar can serve alcohol before 12 noon on a Sunday. Crazy huh?!?! This def happened to us, don’t get caught not knowing! (But we still had fun, even without a mimosa or bloody mary…)

The weather did not disappoint!

Again, the weather was amazing, really sunny and warmish (or rather, warm enough to walk a few miles outside of Manhattan!). Whilst in Brooklyn, one must have pizza, right? So, we went to Grimaldi’s for a late lunch and gorged on a New York slice (or two or three)!

Donna + Pizza

And again, whilst in Brooklyn, one must then venture to Park Slope (right?), where we checked out the brownstones:


…and stopped for a pint at Three’s Brewing:

IMG_5157 copy
A tired Donna + Dor

That night we went to Bodega Negra for dinner (woo for NY Restaurant Week!) and then capped the night off with a drink at The Campbell Apartment, where my not-so-secret Gossip Girl fangirl came out!

Uh, where Serena + Nate hooked up…and Serena + Dan in later seasons! Duh!

Ah, what a busy and fun weekend! And Part 2 still more to come later this week!