During our second day in Ireland we toured Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and home to the famous Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse was fun to see and the pint at the end was a delicious treat!

In front of the factory!

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Omri and I walked to the factory from the bus stop and though we didn’t know exactly where the entrance was, we followed the beautiful fragrance of malts and hops in the air and found it! There were a TON of people waiting in the line but luckily it moved quickly and we were inside right away.

So true! 🙂

The Storehouse is basically a huge museum with little “exhibits” on how the beer is brewed and the history of the company. It’s a self-guided tour and we really mozied at our own pace – we were there for 3 hours!

Throwing a penny into the large wishing pond

The Storehouse is 7 stories tall with a tasting room that featured ingredient “vapors” that isolated each scent, showcasing each ingredient in the age-old recipe.

At the end of the tour Omri and I cashed in for our pints of Guinness and enjoyed them while overlooking the city.


After the tour we really built up an appetite and had Ramen at a Japanese place that Thomas recommended to us. It was delicious and we walked through the city before heading back to Bray House.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Some fun graffiti art we found

On our last day in Ireland we drove south to the city of Waterford – home of Waterford Crystal! Being a glass blowing enthusiast, I was very excited to see the crystal pieces.

A cool bridge (River Suir Bridge) on the way to Waterford

The Waterford Factory is in downtown Waterford, one of the oldest cities in Ireland. We arrived just in time to take a factory tour, but first, a selfie:

A crystal mirror!

The tour was really interesting – all Waterford’s pieces are actually hand blown and carved!

It was really cool seeing the production line and how the master blowers made such uniform pieces! The blowers have gathering guides and moulds with pre-set grinders and drawn cut-lines that make the mass-produced pieces – it’s amazing to see how regulated it is when I’m so used to free-form glass and spontaneity (aka being controlled by the glass rather than being IN control of it!).

Oh, and I blow glass, btws, this is why I’m so fascinated by this all. This is one of my attempts at a stemmed wine glass (with wine in it – gotta make useful objects, right?).


The factory has really beautiful pieces, some in mass production and some commissioned and one-of-a-kind pieces as well. I was really happy we got to see it all!

Waterford the town is also very pretty and I wish we had a bit more time to explore, but what we saw was beautiful! It is situated along a river making it very scenic.


Before returning back home we went back through the city center of Dublin to see a few more sights.

Trinity College
Dublin Castle

And our last stop: a pub for some Irish Whiskey! It tasted like fire, no joke. I’m really trying to maintain composure in that photo and Omri was trying to get an “action” shot, aka a picture of my face all scrunched up and dying.

It was such a fun trip – Ireland, we’ll be back to see more of you!