It has been beautiful out and we decided to take advantage of it by going to Bournemouth, a city on the Southern coast of England.

Bournemouth Beach

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The southern coast

Bournemouth is a two hour drive south of us and we brought the Teddy Bear along for the ride. When we got there, it was a bright and sunny afternoon.

Omri and Teddy playing on the beach

The beach was half sandy and half rocky and Teddy had a great time exploring! The waves were pretty strong, as was the wind…

Teddy gazing off into the ocean
On the cliffs of Bournemouth Beach, overlooking the water (and me)

It was wonderful, but of course, no vacation would be complete without accounting for that one sneaky element – the WIND! I have been getting along with the weather pretty well here in the UK – the sun, the rain, even the hail, but the wind… I just can’t get used to it! The way it howls and freezes my ears off, and whips my hair (there really is no reason to style my hair here, it just becomes a tangled mess!); I know, the tiniest violin is playing for me right now.

But nonetheless, that day was no exception with the wind and my annoyance with it. I tried to suck it up, and almost conceded until Omri let me borrow his windbreaker and then I was finally ok to continue on.

Not my finest hour.

The beach led to a small cove, with cliffs that bordered the water and lead around to a small stretch of small vacation homes, all painted in bright colors, lined up along the shore.

Overlooking the row of houses
The houses!

Pretty much all the houses were filled, with families picnicking and laying out on the beach. Each house was made of two structures – one was the kitchen and the other was the bedroom/sleeping quarters. There were public showers and bathrooms in the middle of the rows of homes.

Two cuties!

We took a break and we all enjoyed a nice cold ice cream cone, including the Teddy Bear :).

“Best day ever!” -TB

When we were ready to leave the beach, we boarded a small train that took us back to the other side of the beach. Teddy had a really fun time and was quite pooped!

The tired pup, hanging out in my jacket, waiting to board the train.

On the drive back we stopped off and had dinner at a pub (where Teddy also ate some of Omri’s delicious steak dinner!) and then stopped by this beautiful field to take a few pictures of the countryside.

Enjoying the sunset