Berlin was a nice, fun, and quick city break. Two and a half days was the perfect time to see the city, though there is SO MUCH more to see and experience. Our second day was just as busy as the first – take a look below!

The Kreuzberg area

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We woke up early the next morning and had breakfast at Katie’s Blue Cat, a cute neighborhood cafe that was walking distance from our apartment. We strolled around the neighborhood and enjoyed seeing all the different street art, which I mentioned were peppered throughout the city, lining the walls of apartment and office buildings.



One thing we appreciated was that the streets of Berlin are really wide – both sidewalks and the roads themselves. A lot of the streets in the neighborhoodly areas are tree-lined and there are some great parks, where kids and pups play! The parks are nestled quietly between buildings and have some really cool playground equipment!


Those rope swings were fun to play on!

We walked into the Mitte area which is more or less the main city center. All the museums are located in that general area and we visited the Neues Museum, which focuses on Egyptian history.

The museums were beautiful
Taking a quick rest/break 😉
Having fun with history

Berlin was a really fun, exciting city and makes me want to explore the rest of Germany!

Goodbye Kreuzberg!