Wow, things have gotten busy around here! Our days in the UK are numbered, and we’ll soon be back in the states before we know it!! (That was my pathetic excuse for not posting in over a week and a half. Sorry peeps…here is a cute photo to help?) But before we jet back to California, here are some quick trips we squeezed in the last few months, starting with Berlin!

Street art on the Berlin Wall!

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Berlin started a little rocky for us, mainly because I was battling a mini plague (surprisingly the first time I’ve been sick whilst in Europe!), so I apologize in advance for my appearance. Nonetheless we made the most of it and took it a bit easier than we would normally do it, but still got to take in all the sights and flavors ( 🙂 ) of Berlin.

We had a late flight into town and enjoyed a simple and delicious ramen dinner when we arrived. It hit the spot after traveling and also helped my congestion and general sickness. We were staying at an AirBnb in Kreuzberg, a more “hip” and residential area of Berlin. There was graffiti everywhere, lining the streets in the residential areas, and sort of blended in with the scenery, adding to the more eclectic feeling of the city.

Inside our AirBnb! It had really cool style

The next morning we ate at Bastard Berlin and then set off to the East Side Gallery, which is the start of the Berlin Wall. The Gallery has specially fenced off areas with murals on display, and then the artwork continues on the wall, open and more or less free to other street artists and graffitists.

In front of the wall

The wall is so decorated with art and it was really interesting to see, and I’m happy to report its not a total tourist trap!

This photos above with the graffiti were taken on the West Side of the wall, and the mural below is a part of the East Side:

Part of the East Side Gallery

It’s so crazy to think that one day people just woke up with this huge wall being constructed in their city, dividing it for who know how long, and not giving them any information!

When we were on the East Side of the wall, we glanced across the street and saw the Mercedes Benz Arena, and next door was a showroom! Omri was super excited about this and so I suggested we pop inside and take a look. Apparently the showroom was set up in honor of the new E Class that was debuting, and all the old E Classes were on display.

Loving it 🙂

Next we visited the Brandenburg Gate and popped into a few stores on the way back to the apartment.


We had dinner reservations at Katz Orange (tasty food, but I wasn’t feeling super hot so it was hard to enjoy…) but they weren’t until late, so we decided to take an early evening break for drinks and a snack at Markthalle Neun, an indoor marketplace with food and beer!

Taking a beer break

And then, we still had more time to kill before dinner, so as we ambled back to the apartment, we came across Hopfenreich, a craft beer bar! It had some great beers on tap and we thoroughly enjoyed our local German ales!

It was a lovely day in Berlin – and there’s still more to come in Part 2!