I think I have a problem. A tea problem! I’m addicted, and I don’t think it’s the caffeine talking. Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, I need it! After lunch, say around 14:00, I start feeling like my life lacks something. Something warm, creamy, along with something sweet! The answer: tea!

Afternoon tea at Jacks

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I’ve loved tea and afternoon tea for a while now. For my birthday two years ago Omri took me to a High Tea service in San Diego. When Roxanne and I visited London in 2009, we went to High Tea at The Orangery in Kensington Palance. Hell, when I turned 18 I did a teatime in Santa Monica for my birthday! All were amazing experiences. Tired trays of finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, and pots and pots of tea! What more can you want?

When we were in the UK last December, Amelia and I went to a High Tea at The Grand Cafe in Oxford.

Tiers of goodness!

When Omri and I moved, I was looking for High Tea and came across a lot of Cream Teas. High Tea was alway too much food (it comes with everything in a cream tea plus sandwiches – sandwiches, scones, cream, jam, and chocolates), and cream tea was perfect for between meals. However we learned that cream tea is not just tea with cream, contrary to the name. It’s a pot of tea, one or two scones, clotted cream, and jam (usually strawberry). The scones are always warm and freshly baked and the clotted cream is cold and buttery and rich. Those who like jam usually use it and rave (I’m not down with the jam, I have no idea why). I always choose a black tea and of course it comes with milk and sugar cubes.

Scone split in two with one side clotted cream and the other side strawberry jam
Love the floral patterns!

Tea has become a daily ritual for me and I really understand the importance of stopping for tea and a scone, and taking a break in the afternoon to unwind and enjoy the warmth of the meal.