The first time I saw or really ever heard of rugby was in Australia, and then again in college. The sport is really fun to watch, though I still don’t quite understand all the rules… (I equate it to a mix of water polo and ultimate frisbee rules,  with a dash of American and worldwide football – without pads!). There was a beer festival one weekend in town, thrown by the local RFC (rugby football club) and we decided to check it out!

Go Ciren!

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And what timing for this post – it’s the Rugby World Cup, being held in good old England!

When we got to the beer festival, we weren’t sure we went to the right place, because there weren’t a ton of people there. Maybe we were just early? We paid our admission and got tickets for beer and got started.

Amelia and I trying to decide on our pints!

They had over 37 ales and a handful of ciders and perrys (pear ciders!) and a booklet describing each of them (see photo of my scouring over the book). Amelia even overheard someone saying they were going to try all 37 of the beers! I guess rugby does make one thirsty…

There was also a hog roast at the festival, which was delicious! The pork was juicy and served with apple sauce chutney! YUM! (Sorry no photos, they went fast!)

After our foods, we took our drinks to the field to watch the match!

Amelia and Eran!


The games were pretty exciting, though I can’t say I knew what was happening at all times. Eran befriended a fellow spectator who sort of gave us an abbreviated version of the rules and explained a few key points of the game.


Not quite sure what was happening here, but we had a great view on the sidelines!

The second match that was going on in the adjacent field

The games are pretty quick as the clock doesn’t start and stop (like football), so before we knew it, they were over! It was a fun day and was nice to get out and support the local RFC!