It’s been years since we had a real live Christmas tree. I think the last one Omri bought for me as a surprise, maybe 3 or so years ago? Anyways, I decided that this year we would get one, and early too!


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Christmas decor starts early here, I’d say around the end of October or so. Remember people, they barely do Halloween and don’t do Thanksgiving, so everyone is itching for a holiday and a reason to start being festive. I mean, hey, why not!?

Once the days started getting shorter and the nights became blacker, fairy lights started showing up around town, then slowly the green and red started making its way out. By late November, Christmas tree lot signs were everywhere! Omri and I picked up our tree from a local place in Tarlton, Cirencester Christmas Trees. A really awesome thing about trees here is that they come with their roots, so essentially you can plant them in your garden after the holidays and grow it for next year!


We chose a small tree this year, a little shorter than me, in a pot.

Omri in the mini forest

After choosing our tree, we headed to Jolly Nice for some groceries and a nice hot beverage. Jolly Nice was also selling trees and had great Christmas decor and we Omri frolicked amongst the trees.