Not sure if you could tell or not, but Omri and I love to eat. And drink. So, when we saw the Cheltenham Food Festival was on, we knew it was a must see!

Montpellier Gardens

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It was a beautiful day at the Montpellier Gardens in Cheltenham and there were tons of people out. The food festival had a bunch of food vendors and stalls, cidre and beer tents, and most importantly, a champagne pavilion!


The pavilion boasted a menu of bubbly and oysters so we each had a glass of brut and an oyster!

Feeling posh!
Down the hatch!

The oysters were delicious and flavorful and the champagne was the perfect compliment! After our aperitifs we wandered into the food tents where there were cheese, breads, and chocolates galore!

Whilst inside the food tent, we were stuck in huge crowds of people, barely moving anywhere. And then we realized that the holdup was due to stalls giving out free samples of cheese! Of course! So we grabbed a few bites and then stopped to buy some – the only problem was we had no cash and the card machine had no service. The cheese monger was so nice he insisted that we take the cheese then come back in a few minutes after the card machine rebooted. So we wandered around and decided to run to a cash machine and not worry about the credit card. When we got back the monger looked at us and exclaimed, “I totally forgot about you!” Oh the Brits, so trusting, so un-capitalist with their money!

The trip to the cash machine left us hungry so we got a lamb kofta and a beer, and after that was devoured, a paella and another beer 🙂


Then for dessert, we ended with churros con chocolate! It was a very tasty day to say the least!