Happy Birthday M!

To the original DL, -who taught my sister and me great style and how to really shop a sale- Click to relive memory lane

United Kingdom/States

Oy, it’s been 3 months, and I’m now a bloody Brit! Jk, I’m not even close – alas, it’ll take me a bit longer to develop an accent, but I do say “leisure” more like “lezzure” now to blend in :). Anyways, this past weekend was my 3 month anniversary being in the UK (England specifically) …

My Almost Green Thumb

With the weather being mostly “nice” (a very relative term coming from a native Californian) the foliage around our home has been amazing. Wildflowers, which I thought were weeds at first (but in some ways sort of are?), are everywhere, including our backyard! So, with this burst of mid-summer sun, I decided to try and …

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! This is one holiday that I do miss – the fireworks, the barbecues and picnics in the park, and hanging out with good friends and family! Of course here it’s not Independence Day, just the 4th, but we’ll be sure to represent the ex-colonies as best as we can!