Bathurst Estate

One weekend Omri and I were playing dog hoarders (jk!) and were watching Teddy’s cousins, Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear. The weather was beautiful out so we decided to take them out to Bathurst Estate for a nice walk (and dance!). Click to read

Public Footpath

The Teddy Bear has really been enjoying the UK, especially the countryside. He enjoys the cooler temps, the wind in his fur, and the tall grasses. So as we were driving about, we kept seeing signs for “Public Footpaths” and decided to check one out! And also, I apologize that this has been a very …

Pet Transport

Ah the Teddy Bear. For those of you who don’t know him very well, he is pretty much my number one companion and our very furry baby! This is a very text heavy post and is all about transporting Teddy into the UK, so click to read more if you want to see what we went …


Summer has arrived to the UK! And it’s amazing! The sun is shining, its hot (ok fine, warm, like 70°F, but when you are used to the 50s, thats warm!), and people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! Click through to read on

Sir Paddington

Paddington is Eran and Amelia’s sweet Cairn Terrier, who we watched while they were out of town. Teddy is normally a solitary pup and is ok with other pups (he was a rescue so he never really trusted other pups until recently) but he really warmed up to Paddington! Click through to read on