Life, lately

Life lately has been hectic. This is a short post just to address a few life events that happened, some good, some not so good, and reflect on what keeps us going. Click to read 

What’s Cooking? Flatbreads!

Amuse me for a minute while we I talk about food :). I try and be healthy; eating fresh, mainly good-for-you options, I work out, but let’s be real, I LOVE bread. It’s delicious! Is it really all that bad for you? Ok, let’s not open that can of worms now…Anyways, as you may have seen from previous …

Pimm’s Cup

As summer comes to a close (so sad!), we are still enjoying the last few rays of sunshine here in England before, well, the real weather sets in. We have been sipping on Pimm’s cups, a summertime British cocktail, and savoring the last of the warm weather. Click for our version of a Pimm’s cup

Birmingham and Den Sum Dim Sum!

Life in the “South West” of England has treated us well so far! But after hearing good things about “The Midlands”, we decided to check it out and visit the city of Birmingham, a bustling city with charming canals throughout the city centre. Click to read 

Jolly Nice

It’s a rainy day here in England so I wanted to relive (and post) a warmer, sunnier day! Since we live in the countryside, there are a lot of cute, independent organic farms and farmshops (selling their goods: veggies, meats, dairy, etc)  around the area. We heard a local farmshop, Jolly Nice, from Eran and Amelia …

Cheltenham Food Festival

Not sure if you could tell or not, but Omri and I love to eat. And drink. So, when we saw the Cheltenham Food Festival was on, we knew it was a must see! Click through to read on

Cream Tea

I think I have a problem. A tea problem! I’m addicted, and I don’t think it’s the caffeine talking. Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, I need it! After lunch, say around 14:00, I start feeling like my life lacks something. Something warm, creamy, along with something sweet! The answer: tea! Click through to read …

Sunday Lunch

During our first few days I was seeing signs around town that advertised “Sunday Lunch” and “Sunday Roast”. It was on all the pub and restaurant menus and sounded delicious but was only served on Sundays and of course, it was NEVER a Sunday when I wanted it. Then finally one sunny Sunday we walked into …

YUM, Bagels

Amelia invited me to join her at a cooking club class at the Hobbs House Bakery. This month they were making bagels! Click through to read on


Summer has arrived to the UK! And it’s amazing! The sun is shining, its hot (ok fine, warm, like 70°F, but when you are used to the 50s, thats warm!), and people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! Click through to read on