Rugby World Cup Festivities in Gloucester

In 2015 England hosted the Rugby World Cup, which was really fun to experience first hand in the host country. We saw a few games, including a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand, but all on the telly. We did get to go to Gloucester, the epicenter of the rugby games in the UK, where the …

Birmingham Christmas Market

Wow, December seriously FLEW by! Only 9 days until it’s over? So crazy! In an effort to try and be timely and actually post December and Christmas-related things, well, before it’s over, get ready for 3 back-to-back posts about – you guessed it – Christmas! Click to read 

Newent Onion Fayre

One weekend I convinced Omri to go to an Onion Fayre! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but basically it was just what it sounds like – a huge festival in a nearby town (Newent) celebrating that lovely root vegetable that often brings tears to my eyes, the magical and extremely tasty onion. Click to read all …

Cirencester Rugby!

The first time I saw or really ever heard of rugby was in Australia, and then again in college. The sport is really fun to watch, though I still don’t quite understand all the rules… (I equate it to a mix of water polo and ultimate frisbee rules,  with a dash of American and worldwide …

Swansea Food and Drink Festival

Ok, by now you get it. We are fans of foods and drinks, and also food and drink festivals! One weekend we decided to leave good ole England and head west to Wales, specifically Swansea, a costal town that just so happened to have a food and drink festival. Click to read

Fresh Air

We recently went to an art exhibit called Fresh Air. This is a sculpture exhibit in the gardens of the Quenington Old Rectory in Cirencester with the sculptures displayed amongst the garden. It was really cool to go and visit and see all the art in nature – even Teddy enjoyed it! Click through to read on

The Cotswold Show and Food Festival

The Cotswold show is an annual summer festival that takes place in Cirencester. It was a beautiful day out and was reminiscent of the county fairs in the states. Click through to read on

Cheltenham Food Festival

Not sure if you could tell or not, but Omri and I love to eat. And drink. So, when we saw the Cheltenham Food Festival was on, we knew it was a must see! Click through to read on

South Cerney Street Fair

A few weekends ago we visited the South Cerney Street Fair in the neighboring town of South Cenery. The fair was amazing, filled with great food vendors, a drum line, and most importantly, a duck race in the river! Click through to read on

Lechlade Music Festival

Last weekend was the Lechlade music Festival, a three day festival in the neighboring town, Lechlade-on-Thames. We went Friday night and the headliners were Bon Giovi and Whole Lotta Led. Click through to read on