Yay for Birthday Month! 🙂 Sure, we are closer to 30 than 20 (ew!) but we still try and celebrate, this time, with my birthday! I used to love birthdays, mainly when it meant being 21 (Las Vegas anyone? Uncle Kasey? 🙂 ), but since that number has passed a few years ago, I care a little less for them.

However, this year we decided to do something different – we went to London for the day and saw the Book of Mormon! It was a really nice birthday, filled with sunshine, laughter, and good food!

A sunny day in London!

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Omri took the day off (it was a Wednesday) and we traveled to London via the National Express Bus (yes, super glam travel, but also SUPER cheap and affordable!). We spent the morning wandering around Buckingham and St. James’ Park, stopping for pics under the extremely bright sun (yay for sun!) and being tourists.

Buckingham Palace selfie! (Technically we were looking AT the Palace…)

We had matinee tickets for The Book of Mormon, so we had a quick lunch at a chipotle-like burrito place and then headed over to the theatre.

A lot of selfies, I know. But we had to!

The play was really funny! Crass, crazy, and really fun to watch! We had been wanting to see it for a while, so we were really pleased.

After the play we had an early dinner at Nopi by Yotam Ottolenghi, who we are BIG fans of! It was also a birthday gift to both Omri and I from his parents (thanks again! It was delicious!), so we were excited to indulge. We got a few small plates to share and enjoyed them all!

Each plate was so beautiful with rich colors and amazing flavors! We had a very early reservation but normally bookings are made a month out – I’d highly recommend it next time you are in London!!

The day was wonderful and it was a really great way to celebrate another birthday!