Can you believe it’s already February? 2016 is already flying by! But before too much time passes and I need to flash wayyy back (some old 2015 posts are coming up in the next few weeks!), here are a few fun outings we did to celebrate our birthday month!

First up, Omri’s birthday! We visited Cotswold Distillery for his birthday (the day after, because we were flying home on the actual date) and had a tour and tasting!

Gotta love the Rover!

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We first found out about Cotswold Distillery through their gin, but learned that they were much more than just that – they were working to make a whiskey and had a whole lineup of tasty spirits.

After all the brewery, distillery, vineyard tours I’ve been on, they sort of just meld together after a while. However, this tour was a little different and interesting because they were a brand new company – founded just in 2014… by a New Yorker! We were a little shocked to hear via the intro video a yankee accent, but after the tastings we were convinced they knew what they were doing.

Whiskey barrels

It was cool seeing the new equipment and how the company was getting started and not even able to sell half their product lineup (the whiskey!). To sell whiskey in the UK, it needs to be barrel aged for 3 years, and they had only been open for 2! So we weren’t able to taste the final product but it was fun being able to try it in the early stages.

Tasting the gin! 

To make up for the time between the whiskey would be ready and not losing tons of money, the company makes a gin that is really tasty!

We definitely enjoyed the tasting and took home not one but three bottles of their spirits – a merry way to start the year!