Wow, December seriously FLEW by! Only 9 days until it’s over? So crazy! In an effort to try and be timely and actually post December and Christmas-related things, well, before it’s over, get ready for 3 back-to-back posts about – you guessed it – Christmas!

The market!

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I love Christmas markets! I think I first got into them whilst in Paris with Roxanne – Paris really knows how to do a good Christmas market – so I had high hopes for this one and it didn’t disappoint!

The Birmingham Christmas Market is a German-style market that was filled to the brim with food and drink vendors, gift and chotskies, chocolates and hot nuts (lolz, sorry I had to!). Omri and I did a preliminary walk-thru of some of the vendors and soon the faint wafting of bratwurst became too much and we gave in!

YUM! I can practically smell those grilled onions!

Yes, it really did taste as good as it looks!

Funny ketchup dispensing udders!

And one more…

IMG_3642 copy
Our attempt at a lady and the tramp bratwurst reenactment!

Another great thing about that market was all the German-style beers! The bars were set up everywhere and you put down a £3 deposit for actual GLASS glasses and can take the beers anywhere with you! It was also so cold that the beers didn’t get warm while you held them! And, I’d say it’s a smart business move, allowing people to drink and shop :)!

Oh, and get used to that jacket, you’ll be seeing it a lot…

The Christmas Market was really huge – it blocked off a big square in the middle of town and also ran along the high streets (“High Street” is like a way of saying “Main Street” but more specifically to streets with chain stores, like H&M, Zara, you get the picture). It was all decked out in Christmas decor and filled with people!

After doing some light window shopping, we headed back to the main area for a last quick snack – a German cheese pretzel!


This was a great Christmas Market and definitely got me in the Christmas spirit!