Life in the “South West” of England has treated us well so far! But after hearing good things about “The Midlands”, we decided to check it out and visit the city of Birmingham, a bustling city with charming canals throughout the city centre.

The Birmingham Canal District

Click to readย  We arrived in Birmingham after about an hours drive, just in time for our stomachs to rumble and tell us it was lunchtime! Omri heard that Birmingham had a large Chinatown, so what better way to spend a Sunday than with Dim Sum! ๐Ÿ™‚

The staples: shumai and steamed char sui baos!
The staples: shumai and steamed char sui baos!

Omri and i have been missing Chinese food whilst in England, namely dim sum. We would have it every so often in San Diego (on a Sunday) and it was a nice reminder of home. We ordered all the usuals, and probably too much at that, but enjoyed every bite! It was really yummy and it passed my “are there other Chinese people in here” test as well (they were Cantonese, fyi Daddy).

Omri enjoying the steamed rice tamale! No mung beans in this one however…

After lunch we walked towards the Canal District where there are some nice shops and restaurants along the canals. It was really nice and people were outside enjoying the weather and the views.

The canals!

We strolled around the city, which was peppered with beautiful flower arrangements!

It was a beautiful day for exploring a new city!