One weekend Omri and I were playing dog hoarders (jk!) and were watching Teddy’s cousins, Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear. The weather was beautiful out so we decided to take them out to Bathurst Estate for a nice walk (and dance!).

Happy dance!

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The Estate is huge, we barely explored half of it! The park is private property, owned by Earl and Countess Bathurst, and they allow for people and pups to enjoy its beauty from 9:00 – 17:00 daily :).

We parked in a nearby car park with the pups in tow – Omri wrangling the two small ones, and me with Indy, the gentle giant who was leading the pack.

Teddy + Peeps + Omri bringing up the rear!

The weather was clear and hot (unlike real time, which has been slightly less than ideal) and it was the perfect summer day!

A cute gazebo-y structure in the park

The park was filled with other walkers and pups, all enjoying the great summer weather! We saw some long tongues (mainly the TB’s!) and so we stopped in the shade for a quick drink (of water in the green bag).

3 smiley pups + 1 smiley human
The abbey in the distance

Oh, the dog days of summer! 🙂